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Call to Vengeance - David Webber, Timothy Zahn, Tom Pope - Baen BooksAttack on Pearl Harbor - Scholastic Magazine4x Outdoor LayoutIron Man Experience at Disneyland Hong Kong - McGarry Bowen AdvertisingPublix Chocolate Cookie Quarry Ice Cream packaging - Publix MarketsJosepha Blue - Shannon AssociatesDorie Miller at Pearl Harbor - ScholasticRoad to Hell - Baen Books - David Weber and Joelle PresbyRogue Warrior - Robot Fighter - Tracey BirdsallSeaworld Wave Breaker - Cannonball AgencyOdessa Sea - Random House - Clive Cussler and Dirk Cusslerpx261019Uncharted: Lewis and Clark in Arcane Territories - Kevin J Anderson and Sarah Hoyt - Baen BooksNightHawk - Random House - Clive CusslerEd Savage and the Decimated Savage Demise - Bryan RobertsEd Savage and the Decimated Savage Demise - Back Cover - Bryan RobertsSeaworld Ocean Explorer - Connonball Agency