The Art of Dave Seeley | Guestbook
John Astaunda(non-registered)
Amazing science fiction landscapes!
Lynn E(non-registered)
My (adult) son and I bought 2 of your pieces yesterday at Comic Con. I roamed past many booths in Artists Alley, and your work - especially the sci-fy landscapes - pulled me right into a another world. Thank you for spending the time with us to explain the story behind some of your pieces and for posting the video on your site showing your process. Colin is thrilled at the chance to display your work in his condo.
Skyler Isaac(non-registered)
Been a fan of your artwork since I discovered via the Deathlands series. How much do you charge for commissions?
Jose Sarduy
you are the reincarnation of John Berkey.

love your work
David A. Seely(non-registered)
Decendent of Robert Seely (1630)
There are several of us and you are by far the most talented.
John Astaunda(non-registered)
Saw your amazing artwork at San Diego comic con 2016. Love the science fiction landscapes!
James Weddle
Hello Dave, it was a pleasure to meet you at San Diego Comic-Con. Your artwork really moved me, much in the same way I was enamored of the work of artists like Syd Mead and Ralph McQuarrie. I'm looking forward to adding more of your work to my collection.
Janis Schubert(non-registered)
Saw the teaser about you on the back of the Rice Magazine, found your book and website, so came to take a look. I love your work! I saw mention at that you have signed copies of your book available but didn't see anything here on the site.
Looking forward to the excerpt in the Spring magazine!
David Varner(non-registered)
Blast from the your works and glad you found such a cool path to follow. My wife just forwarded an image and I checked out your site.


Randy D. Endicott(non-registered)
Love your works...totally Blown away with your Sci-fi ART. Looking forwards to working with you Thanks,
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