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Coors Light Mountain Survival  - FCB Toronto/Coors/MolsenBattle Luna - Baen Books - Travis TaylorSeaworld Aquatica Riptide Race - R&R PartnersIt's not so Scary Any More - FCB New YorkStar Wars:  Battle Of Coruscant - Done for the Essential Guide to Warfare by Del Rey Books - LucasfilmCoors Light Chalet - DraftFCB Toronto/Coors/MolsenLEGOLAND Hotel - DaileyIdeas - Los AngelesCaptain Vorpatril's Alliance - Baen Books - Lois McMaster Bujold - ExposéSeaworld Tidal Twister - Cannonball AgencyTerminator:  The Future is Not Set - Sideshow Collectibles - Premium Art Print - ©2015 Studiocanal S.A.Star Wars X-Wings - WotC / LucasfilmStar Wars: Lord Shadowspawn - Del Rey / Lucasfilm - Matthew StoverThe Fast and the Furious - Video Game Packaging - Vivendi UniversalCoors Light & Maxim Magazine Golf Event - FCB Toronto/Coors/MolsenHard Boiled - Boiled Over - Insight EditionsHard Boiled - For Private Eyes Only - Insight EditionsHard Boiled - Hath No Fury - Spectrum - Infected by Art - Insight EditionsStar Wars: Rogue Leader - Done as a print for Star Wars Celebration IV, but used for the novel Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor - Del Rey / Lucasfilm - Matthew StoverMedal of Honor - Leo K. Thorsness - written by Michael P. Spradlin for MacMillan Children's PublishingElf Archer - High Five Games - dArtiste Winner