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Check again mid JanuaryCheck again mid JanuaryCheck again mid JanuaryThe Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Vivendi UniversalMen Of Valor - Vivendi UniversalBattlestar Galactica - Vivendi UniversalThe Fast and the Furious - Vivendi UniversalCLEARED - Pirates Of The Caribbean - Disney / Bluespark - SpectrumCLEARED - Predator vs. Predalien - Vivendi Universal / BluesparkCLEARED - Control Under Fire - Stone Arch PublishersCLEARED - Fighting Phantom - Stone Arch PublishersCLEARED ToaFeng - Vivendi Universal / BluesparkCLEARED Carthians - Cleared by ContractCLEARED Invictus - Cleared by ContractNo Need for PermissionCLEAREDCLEAREDCLEARED but no credits is requested by Applibot = personal work.CLEARED - Halo Mortal Dictata - Tor Books - Karen TravissCLEARED