The Art of Dave Seeley | Star Wars: Vader and the 501st Progression

Here's the final image that this progression is leading up to.I loved this statue of Vader by the awesome SideShow Collectibles.I shot the statue from a variety of angles, with consistent lighting....and began piecing together a pose I liked.I wanted to get his arms up, which I hadn't seen in the movies - is it possible in the costume?So I used very bottom-up shots on this arms.More pose explorations...and more.  My scene was the moment before Vader decapitates two Jedi Knights.I wanted the fires of hell in the bg to enhance Vader's terror.Here's a screen shot while building his raised armsand more.Shooting the 12 inch Kotobukia figure to make the 501st Troopers....with and without arms, and arms.Here's a screenshot of some of the picsStock Photos of fires and explosions that I picked from.The first draft to the client in aspect ratio of the final full page illo....but also designing for a taller painting aspect ratio.Still exploring and refining the pose....and more.Checking with aspect ratio for single page with bleed.