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Star Wars 1Star Wars 2Here's the final image that this progression is leading up to.This NASA pic was used in the WotC image and this one.And this NASA photo too...And layed in underpaint to put the Corescant light overI did a series of blu-ray grabs of EP3, which works, because Lucasfilm allows use of their copyrightAnd pieced the lights together, warping to suit the image.then I began grabbing ships from the blu-ray, and adding them...To get the right composition, and plan around the gutter placement.I wanted the twirling Anakin Starfighter from a view we didn't know yetAnd this is the pic I liked best.I painted the pic, and then photographed it for print, just like a traditionally painted illustration.A detail before and after the oil painting phase.I had done a shoot at the Museum Of Science Star Wars show in Boston