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Donated and edited by Arnie and Cathy Fenner : Brush With Passion, The Art & Life of Dave Stevens, New and very rare - #38 of 235 made, Slipcased Hardcover 304 pages - WAY out of PrintDetail Interior SpreadKevin Murphy : Time Blender - novel jacket for actor Michael Dorn's (Star Trek-Worf) first novel.As Published!!!Volkan Baga: Timecrafting, Magic-The GatheringFramed original oil paintingOil on paper/board, 34 x 46 cmTimecrafting DetailTimecrafting DetailTimecrafting as publishedChuck Lukacs:  Eladrin Elf Fighter - 2010. 14 x 9 inches, Oil on board, un-matted, sides taped in whiteChuck Lukacs:  Eladrin Elf Ranger - 2010. 14 x 9 inches, Oil on board, un-matted, sides taped in whiteChuck Lukacs:  Bow Ritual in the High Dwellings - Two page spread painted for the co-authored SF&F art tutorial book Wreaking Havoc, Impact Books 2008. 23 x 15 inches, Oil on board, un-matted, sides tBow Ritual as published - Graphic Novel included in the AuctionTom Greenway:  Managing Director of 3D Total:  Set of 8 Premium Books by 3D Total PublishingPhotoshop for 3d artists iv1Digital Art Masters 7The Art of Atomhawk DesignDigital Art Masters 6Beginners Guide to Digital Painting In PhotoshopZBrush Character SculptingDigital Painting Techniques Volume 1

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Guestbook for July 4th eBay Auctions in Support of Cyril Van Der Haegen
Ken Clark(non-registered)
...guess I'm not seeing how to bid.
Shawn Hendricks(non-registered)
Okay, so it's an auction. Why not get the ball rolling and start the bidding? It might build considerable excitement.
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