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AfterLife - Sarah's Extraction - Insight EditionsAfterlife:  Calamity Carole - Insight EditionsAfterlife:  Dr J Goes to Work - Insight Editions - SpectrumAfterlife:  Fist of the Dragon - Insight EditionsAfterlife:  Graham - Insight EditionsAmerican Warriors:  AirborneAmerican Warriors:  Navy SealsAmerican Warriors:  PoliceAmerican Warriors:  Private SecurityAmerican Warriors: MarinesArchform Beauty - Tor Books - L. E. Modesitt - SpectrumAttack on Pearl Harbor - Dorie Miller - ScholasticAttack on Pearl Harbor - Scholastic MagazineAzteca Jaguar Warrior - Insight EditionsBattlestar Galactica - Vivendi UniversalBattlestar Galactica - Vivendi UniversalBattletech:  AkumaBattletech:  Akuma PaintingBattletech:  Breaking the EnvelopeBattletech:  Cataphract CTF-3D

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